Perfecting her craft for almost four decades, Fantcha is the first artist to sign with RAJ’d, and with a career that boasts big venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Chicago World Music Festival, Le New Morning in Paris, and New York’s Summerstage, she sure is making her mark.

Inspired by much-beloved Cabo Verdean singer Cesária Évora, Fantcha (born Francelina Durão Almeida) was first introduced to the legend by Ti Goy, the Carnival Music Director of the Flores do Mindelo Carnival Company which she joined at the age of ten. Cesaria Evora became not only a mentor, but a life-long friend up until the time of Cesaria’s death in 2011.

A charismatic performer, Fantcha, has developed her own, unique musical style with African, Brazillian, and Portuguese influences. Whether singing Cape Verde’s hauntingly beautiful and soulful mornas, evoking the ache of longing and loss, or the more upbeat and danceable coladeras, her rich and soulful voice is unmistakable.


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