During Fantcha’s recent tour promoting her fourth album, she spoke with RTC, Cape Verde’s first and most popular radio and television station. Talking of her recent release Fantcha explained “I made this new album dedicated to Paty [an affectionate Creole term]. She may be a icon to the Cape Verdean people, Cesária Évora to the world but for me she was my Paty. Paty was a special name, that only myself and her beloved daughter Fernanda used to call her as teenagers, it has a very special meaning to me in my heart.”

Fantcha continued, “Nos Caminhada is a reflection of the friendship we shared and of the wonderful nights spent together. This year is the fifth anniversary of Cesária’s death and I made a point of being here on this date with special guest, Teofilo Chantre who was also a big part of the musical career of Cesaria, composing many songs for her. We composed the track ‘Nos Caminhada’ together, so I made it a point to be present at the release of this album. We want Cesária to see (wherever she is) that we carry her in our heart”

Nos Caminhada is the fourth album from the “Mindelense” singer and a collaboration between Fantcha and musician/producer Rufino “Bau” Almeida to pay homage to Cesária Évora. With 12 tracks all under the musical direction of Rufino “Bau” Almeida, the album features top-notch musicians such as Jose Paris, Ado Miranda, Antero Dos Santos, Laura Rafecas Sogas and Bence Huszar. Explaining the importance of the release, Bau told RTC that: “I think this album may motivate young people to continue to make Cape Verdean music in its genuine form. And this is very important for us.”

A talented songstress from the African archipelago nation of Cape Verde, this is Fantcha’s fourth album and the release has been met with great success.

To watch the full interview please follow this link: Full RTC Interview