Appearing last month as a special guest on hit TV show “Codigo de Vida”, Fantcha returned to her home town in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, to discuss her latest release “Nos Caminhada”.  In a powerfully emotional interview Fantcha discussed the story behind the album and the musical journey which has so influenced her creatively and artistically.

Travelling back to her early days, Fantcha discussed the time which she was first noticed for her impressive voice by Musical Director Ti Goi during her rehearsal for “Carnival Parade Group”. She talked of how it was Goi who introduced her to lifelong friend Cesária Évora and from then on they were inseparable. “Singing the nights away” in the Piano Bar, their favourite spot,  the bond was like that of mother and daughter and one that Fantcha held very dear.

Moving to Portugal to record her first album in 1988, Fantcha joined Cesária whilst on her tour throughout Europe and America. With careers then inevitably moving in separate directions, the pair ensured they maintained a close relationship right up until the Barefoot Diva’s death, despite often being miles apart.

Discussing her mother, Fantcha explained how despite not pursuing a musical career herself, she was blessed with an exceptional voice. Emotionally recalling life within a single parent family, Fantcha revealed that it was difficult growing up with two brothers and a single mother and that despite the hard times it was their strong love that pulled them all through. The loss of her beloved mother and brother still being very raw for the songstress, it is her music that helps her channel her pain.

 Explaining that the album had long been “in the works” in order to fully encapsulate the emotion and love, Fantcha adds that she brought Bau in as the Musical Director and Teofilo Chantre  as she knew they would tastefully and respectfully bring the album to life.  Full of customary nuances and all the flavours of traditional Cape Verdean music, the album is one which she herself is extremely proud of.

Planning an international tour throughout Europe and the United States, Fantcha is extremely grateful to RAJ’d for believing whole heartedly in her project and supporting the album whilst advertising and distributing the album worldwide.

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