Continuing on her return to honour dear friend and mentor Cesária Évora, Fantcha’s successful performance at Mindelo on December 15th saw a great a crowd come together to celebrate the Cape Verdean legends musical life. Performing to a gathering of around 230 people, Fantcha presented her fourth album ‘Nos Caminhada’ in the town which both the musically talented artists were born.

Leading the “Serenata”, a popular tribute to Cesária Évora, RAJ’d signed artist Fantcha then led a march within the streets of Mindelo on the 19th December, followed by a free concert in ode to the Barefoot Diva.

Performing in Praia on the 18th December for the President and the First Lady, as well as their family and government ministers, Fantcha’s album presentation was extremely well received and the opportunity a great honour for the Cape Verdean performer. Coinciding with the notorious two-day festival Noite Branca (White Night), the performance married perfectly with a collective celebration of sound as the entire city came together in music.

Meeting with Fantcha after at his place of residence, the President praised the artist and RAJ’D for honouring Cesária Évora and taking part in such an important community project.

Turning to concentrate on the new year, Fantcha will be preforming with Augusto Veiga at a number of upcoming summer festivals in Cape Verde so keep tuned to the latest updates.

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