Starting in early 2015, RAJ’d, a music and entertainment company, initially started to help launch and promote a special commemorative album celebrating the life and music of Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora.

A much beloved artist and one of their most famous exports, the commemorative album is set for release in late 2016. The album, which will feature some of Cesária best loved songs, will be performed by long-time friend and local performer and singer Fantcha.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring community project, Raj’d signed Fantcha to the agency in 2015 and she has since performed at a number of events in Cape Verde.

A forward thinking artist and talent agency, RAJ’d brings a different approach to the music industry.

Fast learning and with a vision to become a leading agency for undiscovered artists, RAJ’d are always looking for aspiring and talented performers to support in their journey.

Proud to offer a fresh approach to passionate and enthusiastic artists, RAJ’d hope to give those unknown artists the break they need to fulfil their dreams of a fulfilling performance career.

Hoping to work alongside other Cape Verdean performers, but also unsigned artists globally, RAJ’d bring a unique approach to the world of entertainment, with opportunities that can elevate its artists.